Finding the Internet in Africa

The amount of content on this blog will depend on the availability of an Internet connection in the areas we will be visiting. We will do our best to post as often as possible, but finding an Internet connection (and computers for that matter) will be a challenge.

Thanks for your patience!

About This Trip

WTI-9G East Africa: Ethiopia and Rwanda Service and Challenges
Professor Brian MacHarg

Brian MacHargTravel to the beautiful and exotic countries of Ethiopia and Rwanda where we will explore the social concerns of these regions and how community service might be an appropriate response to such issues. We will meet with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working on social problems that are particularly acute in Ethiopia and Rwanda – The after-effects of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the remnants of the widespread Ethiopian famine in 1984, as well as current problems of poverty, health and education. We will volunteer with several NGOs that are working on the concerns of the past and present. We’ll also get time to explore these two countries and see sights of cultural, historical and natural significance. Evaluation will be based on participation at site visits to NGOs as well as a written reflective project.